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Info-preneurs…Who Want to Live Your Mission and Change the

World While Making a Great Living!


James Malinchak Makes a BOLD Claim...

Finally, A Boot Camp That Reveals

The 8 "Behind-the-Scenes" Speaker Secrets...


This IS The "Stuff-Behind-the-Stuff"

For How to Really Make Big Money

Sharing Your Message!


...and NOW You Will Know Them Too!

(Hint: If You Don't Learn These Behind-the-Scenes Strategies, You Are Losing Out on Thousands of Dollars & Wasting An Enormous Amount of Your Time Every Week, Month & Year!)


From the Desk of: James Malinchak, Las Vegas, NV, USA
Subject: Millionaire Speaker Secrets Revealed


Dear Speaking Friend,


Let me be Bold, Blunt and To-the-Point on something NOBODY in the speaking, coaching, writing, and info-products industries who really makes BIG Money would ever dare tell you, which is...in speaking you're either on the "Inside of the Speaking Circle" or you're on the "Outside of the Speaking Circle!"

What I mean is that you either know the SECRETS for how you make money or you don't...and I must tell you that most people don't have a clue how to make money speaking. If that happens to be you, then don't worry because it's not your fault! You've just never been taught the RIGHT WAY to make BIG MONEY sharing your message...and to make it in a FAST, ETHICAL WAY!

-- Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the curtain of very lucrative and profitable 7-Figure Speaking, Coaching & Writing Business??

-- Have you ever wondered how a few speakers make BIG money while so many good-hearted speakers struggle from event to event?

-- Did you ever want to know ALL of the STUFF-BEHIND-THE-STUFF (ALL of the Insider Secrets) that only the top names know (that you most likely don't) and wouldn't unless you were on the "inside of the circle"?


If you ever wondered about any of these questions, then I have some good news...and some bad news for you...

First the Bad News…

What I am going to share in my ADVANCED Millionaire Speaker Secrets Revealed Seminar is going to make a lot of "Old Public Speaker Trainers", seminar leaders, expert teachers and various "Guru's" upset!

The Good News is...

The reason they are going to be upset is because at this event, I am going to peel back the curtain and reveal to YOU all of the strategies, tips, and techniques that only those "insiders" who are 7-figure speakers, experts and seminar leaders know & use to make a big money FAST doing what they love....sharing their message.

In fact, what I am going to share with you is so powerful that several "Old Public Speaker Trainers," seminar leaders, experts and guru's don't want anyone knowing them.


But Before I Tell You More About the

Most Amazing Event You Will Ever Attend…


You May Be Wondering…

Just Who the Heck Is This James Malinchak Guy?


(That's a great question & one you should always ask of anyone)



So, Let Me Share With You Why You May Want

to Learn From Me (Rather than Someone Else)…


7-Figure Speaker, Author, Seminar Leader & Marketing Consultant Guru who's coached numerous Beginning & Experienced People Just Like You on How to Make BIG Money As A Speaker, Seminar Leader, Author, Trainer, Coach, Consultant & Leading Authority!


The "Behind-the-Scenes" Business Marketing Consultant for MANY Speakers, Authors, Trainers, Coaches, Experts, celebrities & even professional sports coaches...that You Know!

(Let me share a little secret with you that I've kept "behind-the-scenes"...(for a long time)...I have been a "secret weapon"...who many of the leaders in the seminar industry today come to as THEIR Business Marketing Consultant to create & advise them on their businesses!)

(Watch this video that was recently filmed at my



Why Jack Canfield, Speaker, Expert, Seminar Leader, Author, Trainer, Coach & Law of Attraction Teacher Only Coaches With The BEST for the Business...James Malinchak!








Click The Play Button on The Video Above

Featured on ABC's Hit TV Show, "Secret Millionaire" Was VERY blessed that ABC approached me about being one of only 6 people to be a part of this AMAZING show where we were able to help beautiful people!

One of the few Self-Improvement Leaders in the World Featured in the Hit Self-Improvement movie Pass It On

Featured on the covers of the prestigious Millionaire Blueprints Magazine, Sharing Ideas Magazine (Dottie Walters), & Personal Branding Magazine...& Co-Author of the Top-Selling book, Chicken Soup for the College Soul

Celebrity Motivational Speaker – Even Interviewed on the Red Carpet by Celebrity Hollywood Interviewer, Robin Leach

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Celebrity Motivational Speaker That Even Hollywood Stars Seek Out for Help


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At the last Boot Camp, we raised over $100,000 for Dr. Bill Dorfman's Charity - The LEAP Foundation

Giving-Back to Help Kids - Giving a $10,000 Check at the Dec. Boot Camp that Led to the Boot Camp Audience Donating $100,000.00 to Help Kids! 

Well, I Think I've Given You More Than Enough to PROVE My Point & Validate That I Am the Real Deal & THE Leading Expert (And #1 "Go-To-Person") in the Industry When It Comes to Teaching Speakers, Seminar Leaders, Authors, Trainers, Consultants, Coaches & Leading Authorities!

To put it bluntly…NOBODY even comes close to my credentials … and let me get something off my chest that's been bothering me for quite some time. To be honest...most out there are teaching my "insider" information anyway, just re-packaged, re-titled and re-languaged to sound differently!

But don't take my word for it, there's a reason all the speakers I've helped, and most of the top speakers, rave about the information (see their personal testimonials below).

So let me ask you ... would you rather learn from someone who was a student who is now trying to teach it or would you rather learn directly from me ... the originator and the one who taught them!?!  (I think we both know your answer!)

So, with that being said ... let's now get into the really exciting part and let me introduce you to the BEST Seminar you will EVER attend…


James Malinchak's
Millionaire Speaker Secrets Revealed!

Advanced Boot Camp


“James Malinchak is one of the best speakers, trainers, teachers of coaching and speaking
in the world today!”
Listen to Brian

James Malinchak is one of the best speakers, trainers, teachers of coaching and speaking in the world today. You can learn more from a seminar with James, from getting involved in James's in his platinum club circle than you can all by yourself working for years and years and years. So if you want to shorten your learning curve, dramatically increase your income and your results and your success with speaking, you've got to get involved with James.

-Brian Tracy, Top selling author of over 45 books, Has Addressed more than 4,000,000 people in 4,000 talks and seminars throughout the US, Canada and 40 other countries worldwide.



Let's get down to business and talk about what you are going to get in this jam-packed event!

The "Insider Secrets" You'll Learn at This Advanced Boot Camp, You'll Learn Nowhere Else…


 Part 1:
Wealth Attraction & Mindset Acceleration Secrets Revealed!


Do you realize that most of what is taught about Wealth Building is SO incomplete that there's almost no way to build wealth following those ideas. In Part 1 at the Boot Camp, you'll be given the "missing piece" that can instantly Attract Wealth for yourself faster than you ever imagined!




Because I don't give you theory and ridiculous "dream big"..."ask the universe" ...&..."wish yourself to wealth" BS. We both know it takes much more than that.


The REALISTIC & REAL way you attract and accelerate wealth is through real-life, daily, actions that you create into a consistent RIGHT mindset and consistent RIGHT actions!  


(Hint: After listening to me on Wealth Attraction, you'll never want to listen to anyone



Part 2:
Business Secrets Revealed for Making Big Money & for Running Your Business the RIGHT Way!


Do you realize that MOST speakers, authors, trainers, coaches, consultants, info-preneurs and Internet marketers are working way too hard in their businesses, not making the money they can make because they don't understand the importance of working "RIGHT" rather than "smart" or "hard." And here's the worse part, you probably don't even realize your current business habits are causing you this!


After this session at the Boot Camp, you will be "on fire" with your business because I'll pull-back-the-curtain and walk you through what I do on a consistent, daily basis to run my business the "RIGHT" way. If you've ever desired to have a million dollar a year business, then this session is incredibly important for you to hear.


You will discover…


How to purposefully build your business around your lifestyle so that you can work less, make more, and spend very little!

How to immediately handle any and all distractions with ease and professionalism so that you can achieve a seamless continuity in your business flow daily. 

Crafting & Positioning Your Personality, Image, Brand & Uniqueness. I'll show you how I became "America's Hottest Young SpeakerTM", "The College Speaking GuyTM", and now "Big Money SpeakerTM"…just by employing some little-known positioning and branding strategies. (This is where YOU find your positioning for your brand too!)

How to Run Everything Like a Business. This one strategy alone has allowed can allow you to build your business around your lifestyle and say "no" to anything distracting you.


How to Position Yourself As An Expert, A Leader, GURU and Celebrity With ALL Marketing Materials. I'll give you live examples of how I position myself with everything that I send out…so you can do it too!

Hint: Don't be surprised if after this session at the Boot Camp your entire mindset for running YOUR business is 100% transformed on the spot! My personal business philosophy is: "You Don't Create Your Lifestyle Around Your Business – You Create Your Business Around Your Lifestyle So You Can Make A Lot, Spend A Little & Work As Little As Possible!")


Part 3:
Secrets for Getting In With Movers-n-Shakers (aka, Centers of Influence & Celebrities) & Getting Them to Work With You!


Do you realize that MOST speakers, authors, trainers, coaches, consultants, info-preneurs, experts and Internet marketers will NEVER get-in with the "Movers-n-Shakers" because they fail to learn how to "Play the Game!"


After this session at the Boot Camp, you'll know exactly, step-by-step how "The Game" is really played and how to attract "Partners" who want to work with you to promote and market you, your products and your services!


And, this is what I consider one of the most overlooked essential ingredients for REALLY making BIG money and creating wealth for yourself! The power of both who you know and who knows you and how you can leverage those relationships, is KEY for "spring boarding" your business, status and wealth!


You'll learn…


The Secrets for Attracting Joint Ventures so you can get a steady stream of customers into your business!

How to Promote and Market Yourself Without Ever Coming Across Like You Are So You Always Maintain Ethical, Integrity-Based Relationships!

How to Get Endorsements From Key Centers of Influence, Celebrities, Gurus, & Movers/Shakers So You Can Position and Brand Yourself As A Niche Expert!

The Secrets That Allow Me to Get In With Almost Anybody...And I Do Mean Anybody. (Wouldn't it be cool if you could duplicate this?)

And so much more!

(FYI – There's nobody in the speaking industry more connected to Hollywood Celebrities, Self-Improvement Gurus and Centers of Influences than me! If you doubt it...re-watch some of the videos above and below.)

(By the way, in case you didn't know, before I began my speaking business, I was a Financial Consultant who handled the investments of numerous high-profile celebrities, actors, entertainers, and professional athletes...and many of them are still friends.)

Part 4:
Info-Product Secrets Revealed for Packaging & Selling Your Time, Knowledge, Experience & Expertise!


Stop thinking of yourself as an author, speaker, trainer, coach, consultant, info-preneur or Internet marketer. Think of yourself as a… "Leading Authority on Your Topic!"




Because simply changing how you…FIRST, THINK about yourself and your business… SECONDLY, how you uniquely POSITION (and BRAND) yourself and your business…and THIRDLY, how you PRESENT yourself and your business makes all the difference in whether or not you attract the business and the wealth you want!


In this session at the Boot Camp, you'll learn the Secrets for Packaging, Selling and Making Money with your time, knowledge, experience and expertise!


(Get ready as this session is always one of the highest rated at the Boot Camp!)




Part 5:
Influence Secrets Revealed That Are Only Known by the True Masters Who Make BIG Money!




This WILL BE the MOST important information you could ever learn for making big money as a speaker, author, trainer, coach, consultant, info-preneur and Internet marketer...NOT just at the Boot Camp, but anywhere!


In this Boot Camp session, I reveal…


"The 19 Secrets that Influence & Move People

Into Action to Buy You, Your Products & Services...&

How to Always Be Ethical & Integrity-Based!"


More things you will discover in this session…


The MASSIVE difference between ethical influence and manipulation and how knowing the difference can make you wealthier! (Plus...you'll help a lot more people too!)

The 2 times each day that the subconscious mind is most receptive to influence/persuasion and how you can use this to your advantage.

The "Hero & Villain" Technique for aligning your audience to your way of thinking so you can help them more and sell more of your products and services!

And, so much more…


This session alone is worth the entire investment of the Boot Camp and is the one session that always "AMAZES" the audience!


Part 6:
Coaching Program Secrets Revealed!


Ever wonder why MOST people who have (or want to have) a coaching program never make any BIG money?


The reason is because they don't know the insider secrets for how you really attract numerous coaching members…fast!


I started my coaching program from scratch...not knowing anything about coaching programs...out of my spare bedroom in my house...and made $1 million dollars in less than 12 months!  (That's right...from "scratch"..."zero"..."nothing!")


And since then, it's a SOLD OUT coaching program that consistently brings in $1,000,000 million+ dollar a year and has numerous people wanting to get-in!


(FYI - Most people coaching…or wanting to have a coaching program are struggling to barely make enough monthly to pay their rent or mortgage!)


In this session, you'll learn why the 3 reasons you think people join coaching programs are NOT the REAL reasons people join.


I'll also reveal to you the 9 Secrets for What People "REALLY" Buy When Considering whose coaching program to join.


Plus, you'll learn the "Absolute BEST Way to Offer Any Coaching Program" that gets people to literally flock to sign-up!


And, most importantly, it's time for you to learn...How to stop giving your information away for free and start charging fees that compensate you appropriately for your time, knowledge and experience!


Part 7:
Seminar / Live Event Secrets Revealed!


Ever want to put on your own seminar or live event?


MOST people don't make any money with their own event because they don't know the "RIGHT" way to do events for making money!


In this session, you'll learn How to get people flocking to attend...how put it on for the cheapest amount of money possible, while still looking like a first-class event...why most events fail to make any money ...how to make with my 3 money-making secrets for seminars / live events.


FYI - I am a "Behind-the-Scenes" Business Marketing Consultant for many who put on successful seminars.


(Hint: Do NOT even attempt to put on a seminar/live event without listening to EVERY detail I will share in this session)

Part 8:
Platform Selling Secrets Revealed for Having a
Ton of People Buying Your Products After A Presentation While Being Authentic and Never Coming Across "Salesy"  


Talk about saving the BEST…& probably MOST IMPORTANT Information for last!


This is the MOST IMPORTANT session of the entire Boot Camp and is the one topic many speakers, seminar leaders, authors, trainers, coaches, consultants, info-preneurs, experts and Internet marketers have come to me to learn.


(Hint: You know of these people and I have constructed, changed and advised on their presentations so they could start making BIG money with their products and services every time they speak).


This session of the Boot Camp will show you how to get a TON of people flocking to invest in themselves after you speak by getting your products and services.


FYI - This session alone could have a registration fee of $25,000 - $30,000!


(Note: I Know for a Fact That I am The ONLY Person In The Speaking World Who Shares This Information)


This is...
"The Psychology of Ethically Moving People
Into Action To Buy Your Products and Service...

Without Seeming 'Sales-ey'!"

You will discover…


Platform Selling Made Easy – How to effortlessly offer your products and services without coming across "salesy" and while always maintaining your ethics and integrity!

Which Words to NEVER Use in Copywriting & Selling and Which Ones You Should Use! (Note: I'll bet there are at least 5 of my "words to avoid" that you use in EVERY talk. These are called "negative-triggers" and are like "sales kryptonite" which will greatly diminish your product income. You'll know which words to avoid after this session!)

How to create an irresistible presentation that sells tons of products in the back of the room…and how to do it without being perceived as "selling" at all.

My very simple formula for dropping a few simple lines in a presentation or with an event coordinator that will instantly make them want to book or re-book you!

How To Use "Take-Away-Selling" to Motivate People to Buy From You. (Note: I begin just about EVERY presentation with "take-away-selling"…and you'd never know it unless I told you. You'll discover how to use this one technique to make a LOT more from the stage.

16 subconscious triggers that motivate people to invest in your products and services. These same triggers can be used in a presentation, sales letter, or website with incredible success!

How to Sell Your High-Priced Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting Programs From The Stage

3 words that you can Start Using Now that can instantly command the attention of ANY audience. (These are the same 3 words I use in EVERY talk I give and they work like a charm for gaining and keeping the group's attention.)

And, I'm Not talking about having people buy a few hundred dollars worth of your books and CDs. I'm talking about getting a HUGE table rush of people, all eager to invest in your great products and services!

Think I'm kidding you that it's possible?

Ok then…I'll prove it!


“James Produces Results!”
Listen to Francine

I've been speaking for about 15 to 17 years and I plan on being a coaching member for life. Why? Because James produces results! First time I came to him I learned so many things that I have already implemented that have taken my business to another level. I want more of what he's got.

-Francine Ward, NSA Member with 15 Years Professional Speaking Experience





"There's stuff here that James revealed that I've never, ever heard any other speaker or seen revealed at any other boot camp!”
Listen to Marlene

I had the privilege of being here at the Millionaire Speaker boot camp and it was just absolutely fabulous. There's stuff here that James revealed that I've never, ever heard any other speaker or seen revealed at any other boot camp. So if you want to learn how to make big money and how to influence your audience, James is the guy that I recommend....If you want to learn how to make big money as a speaker and influence people, James is your guy. So just take my word and just do it.

-Marlene Green, President Millionaire BlueprintsTM Magazine (N.Y./N.J.) and Chapter Director of Glazer Kennedy Insider CircleTM Manhattan, NY.



“As an event promoter...there is only one person
I send them to and that's Mr. James Malinchak!”
Listen to Kendra

As an event promoter and also a person that owns a marketing company that works with many different speakers, I've had the experience where I've worked with people from motivation to health and fitness to the real estate industry behind the scenes. And when I need to teach them how to learn to speak from a stage and sell to make money and make a presentation that I know gets results, there is only one person I send them to and that's Mr. James Malinchak. If you want to learn to be an affective speaker, there's a lot of resources you can to, but if you want to learn how to be effective and make money, then there's only one resource you need. It's worth your time to make an investment in not only your business and yourself with Mr. James Malinchak and it will make the biggest difference and you will be happy you did it. So just do it.

-Kendra Ceceita, Beverly, MA




Even NBA World Champion Coach
Says James Is the Best!
Listen to Doc Rivers

Hey I'm Doc Rivers. I'm the Head Coach of the Boston Celtics, World Champs. Listen, obviously, for our run, we needed inspiration. If you need it, this is your man. James is the best. I should have used you more before the championship. But I'm serious, absolutely terrific, I've read his book and it's great. Great stuff. It will help you.

-Doc Rivers, Head Coach of The World Champion Boston Celtics



Even Celebrity Winner of NBC's Hit TV Show Phenomenon Is Amazed By James!
Listen to Mike

I am here at the absolute best boot camp in the universe. You need to get here and let me tell you why, I am a magician and this man amazes me. I do card tricks, but he changes lives. So make sure you come to the boot camp with James Malinchak.

-Mike Super, Winner of NBC's Hit TV Show Phenomenon



"The ONLY Boot Camp You'll Ever Need!"

"If you come to this Boot Camp, it's the ONLY Boot Camp you'll ever need. I wish I had taken this 5 years ago because I would have absolutely exceeded what I have done in the last 5 years.

Absolutely, if you are going to attend one seminar, this Boot Camp is the one you NEED to attend!"

- Brendan Burchard

Author of Life's Golden Ticket

This event sold out the last time we offered it. Complete the form below so you don’t miss out on the next one!

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James, Is There A Guarantee?

Not only is there a guarantee, but a MORE-THAN- YOUR-MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! If even after attending the 1st day, you feel I'm not delivering on what is promised on this website, you can choose to turn in your materials and ask for a full 100% REFUND and you'll get it...

Now there's no excuse for not attending. If you're serious about making big money, then register ASAP before the limited number of slots are filled. Once they're filled, the Seminar is closed!


So What's The Investment For Attending?



Attending This Millionaire Speaker Secrets Revealed Seminar Isn't Cheap Because I'm "Spilling-the-Beans" on Everything...You WILL NOT Learn This
Stuff Anywhere Else!

This Seminar is ONLY for those who are serious! My time is very limited as I'm busy speaking and running other businesses. But I committed myself to helping other speakers this weekend and I'm not backing out. However, attending will not be cheap because I don't want people attending who aren't serious. They will be just wasting their time and mine.

In fact, the investment for attending is actually extremely reasonable considering everything that you get...again, speakers who attended the last Millionaire Speaker Secrets Revealed Seminar have been telling me I'm crazy for offering ALL this information at this low fee. And, we've made it even easier for you. We'll even allow you to pay in three monthly installment payments.

If you're serious then I REALLY want you attending this Seminar because I know it can change your life...that's why I offer a MORE-THAN-YOUR-MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE...re-read the testimonials from past attendees...they were all cautious before registering, but after they attended, they ALL agreed it was the BEST investment in their speaking career they ever made...and I guarantee YOU WILL FEEL THE SAME after you've attended!


Click Here To Reserve Your Seat!!


So, hurry! And process your enrollment below before time runs out and this offer expires!


IMPORTANT NOTE: Because I don't B.S. people and I actually teach you real strategies that work, my events fill up fast. We only have 250 primary attendees because I want to create an amazing experience for you where you get to interact with me, the guest speakers and other attendees in an intimate manner. When the seats are gone (which will happen soon)...they are gone, so act FAST!!!



Hurry!! The Last Event




“James Malinchak's Coaching For Me...
Has Been Incredible!”
Listen to Jack

"I just want to take a minute to tell you that James Malinchak's coaching for me on how to sell more product and enroll more people in my training from the platform has been incredible helpful in terms of increasing our revenue, sharing our materials with more people, touching more lives and enrolling more people in our seminars. So I am deeply grateful for his incredible wisdom about it. His ability to impart that wisdom so that I actually able to incorporate it and I've been one who was kind of reluctant to sell because I just saw myself as a person changing the world and James helped me realize I could really change the world even more by getting more people to take the material home with them. So, if your thinking about taking Jim's programs or thinking about buying his audio programs or his video programs that will help you sell more so that you can have more income and more impact, I really strongly encourage you to do that. 

-Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup for the SoulTM series. Star of the movie The Secret. Author of The Success Principles, How to Get From Where You are to Where You Want to Be


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